Hi there,

My name's Ben Rowles Prior, and my goal is to make mainstream healthcare engaging and accessible to streetwear culture. I work as a senior physiotherapist in the NHS, having graduated from Sheffield Hallam University in 2018 with a First Class Honours in Physiotherapy.

I grew up in the world of skateboarding, and now the more I work within mainstream healthcare, the more I see (1) how much it can help to support people's health and well-being, but also (2) how un-relatable it can be for people who aren't immersed in it.

To solve that problem, I decided to tailor my services so they speak your language – skateboarders & snowboarders, artists & illustrators, clothing & independent magazine owners, music artists, and all the rest of the crew that hang outside the local skate shop – I hope you'll find some use from these pages. 

I'll be bringing you up-to-date and reliable tips from within physiotherapy and healthcare, regular interviews with people sharing their health and injury stories, and a resource hub to find help and support when you need it most.

Stay tuned.