A conversation with DRS about alcohol & drugs

Del Rok Ski is an MC based in Manchester, UK. I've known of Del for a long time not only for his music, but also as being part of the Manchester skate scene. Del was kind enough to share some of his story with us, about how he decided to leave alcohol and drugs behind, and move forward with his life.

Del's newest track with Dynamite, 2020.

Can you tell me why you decided to make a change regarding alcohol & drugs?

I just came to a crossroads. My future was either going to be my family and a career I've worked for all my life, or drink and drugs. There was a time not long ago when my decision would have been different, but in the cold light of day during this global pandemic, I realised there was no space for this selfishness in my life anymore.

Who was your main support network to help you make this change?

By this point I'd already worked out what was causing this behaviour. It was a mixture of anxiety, grief and self hate that mostly came from all of the above. For me, the main support was from my family and friends, and the majority of this process was behind the closed doors of lockdown.

If you could name one or two things that you do on a day-to-day or weekly basis that helps you to maintain the progress you've made, what would they be?

Yeah, I have three things: