Andrew Brophy

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

Australia's own Andrew Brophy was kind enough to give us some insight in to how he keeps himself fit and healthy alongside looking after a family, being a professional skateboarder, and co-owning Wayward Wheels.

"You've only get one body to trash so try to keep it healthy"

What things do you do during the week to keep yourself fit and healthy?

Normally I will ride my stationary bike for about 30 mins a day, whenever I can fit it in. I also surf maybe twice a week, mountain bike ride once a week and skate for sure like three times a week. Its hard to fit it all in with the three kids so it's usually fairly spur of the moment for everything. If i find myself with a hour to spare I'll try and get in some activity.

Is there anything specific you do to support yourself to keep skating and prevent injury?

Just the bike ride and a little floor workout for my lower body, and stretching for sure. Plus a fairly healthy diet. But we are all human so you know how that goes, I'm not super strict on myself.

Andrew has had a couple of issues with his knees over the years which he talks about in this video below, while demonstrating a basic exercise routine.

What advice would you give to the younger generation to help them to keep skating?

You're not invincible, drink more water, stretch out before and after skating, try to eat healthy and look after your body to the best of your abilities. 

If you want to skate forever, you've only get one body to trash so try to keep it healthy. 

Any tips on how to look after yourself amongst a busy work and family life?

​Just try to fit it in some activity when you have the chance. It's very easy not to, but you just have to try your best. It always makes me feel better for putting in the effort.

"I'm not super strict on myself"

Thank you Andrew – great advice. Physiotherapists are always promoting the benefits of keeping physically active, as it's a great way to live a healthy lifestyle and reduce the risk of certain injuries and illness. However, as Andrew rightly points out, we can't be too hard on ourselves when sometimes we have other priorities, but we can do our best!

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