Kyle Brown

Kyle Brown is a Doctor of Physical Therapy living and working in Los Angeles. If you have never come across Kyle before, you should definitely check out his Instagram page as it's full of helpful, evidence-based physiotherapy tips and exercises, mostly directed at skateboarders.

Kyle is one of few physiotherapists who have an interest in skateboarding and want to share their knowledge with the skateboard community. His content often includes well-known

skateboarders such as Walker Ryan and Sebo Walker, both of which you can see taking on Kyle's physio tips in the context of skateboarding. Kyle also contributes to Old Friends, an online shop selling fitness equipment for skateboarders, as well as being a platform for videos and podcasts on topics such as stretching and strengthening.

The physio profession encourages people to keep physically active and live a healthy lifestyle, therefore I wanted to see what sort of things Kyle does for himself to stay healthy and active.

What do you do during the week to keep yourself fit and healthy?

For me it’s a little bit of a balance between exercise and diet.  I skate on the weekends which is good exercise.  During the week I mostly run. I’ll run after work 3-4x/week for an hour or so to get some cardio.  I also love playing basketball.  Prior to Covid I’d play basketball in a recreational league at least once per week.  As far as diet goes, I have a meal delivery program that sends me six healthy meals per week. I fire those up every evening for dinner and those help to keep my nutrition somewhat in check.  

What sometimes stops you from doing these things?

Social events are the toughest.  If I have 1-2 happy hour events during the week where we have a couple drinks and food, these types of things throw me off my routine.  It’s been a little bit easier to stay away from these things during covid, but those types of situations are what usually throw me off.

How do you manage to keep active and skating alongside a busy work life?

As I get older, I realise you just gotta plan shit out. I have my runs mapped out each week and I plan skate sessions at least a few days in advance with my buddies for the weekend. It sounds corny but it helps keep me active on a consistent basis.  

What advice would you give to the younger generation?

A couple things: Start good habits early on in life, including regular exercise, and it’s always good to keep your drinking in check. At the very least, once you turn 30, start taking at least 3-4 days off per week from the post-work beers (I wished I would've started that earlier). Also, find something else besides skateboarding as an outlet for exercise. Running has been perfect for me. It’s a great exercise and it’s similar to skateboarding in that it's convenient and you can do it ANYWHERE.  There’s even less equipment involved than skating.

What general advice would you give to people to help them to prevent an injury?

Do the basics really well: Get good sleep, stay hydrated, warm up properly before skateboarding and perform some sort of resistance training at least twice per week.  

What does physio mean to you?

Educating people on how the body works and why it sometimes hurts or gets injured. Followed by figuring out simple, evidence based, and effective interventions (usually exercise based) on how to recover from injury and move better on a skateboard or anything else in life.

Thank you Kyle, keep smashing it!

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