How to cope with redundancy during covid lockdown

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

Greg Conroy is the man behind 'Serious Adult' – a creative outlet for his illustrations.


I first heard of Greg back in 2010 when I moved to London. His name would come up in conversations between skateboarders as being the guy who did a flip back smith on St Paul's ledges (still blows my mind to this day). You can check this out in his video part (below) for 'Getting By', in 2011.

As well as being a great skateboarder, Greg created Serious Adult which began as a creative outlet for not only his own illustrations, but for his friends also. It's an inclusive platform, and over the years Serious Adult has produced clothing, zines, skate videos and photography exhibitions.

I asked Greg if there was anything that he does during the week that helps with his health and well-being. He told me that this year had been particularly difficult for him because of Covid. He was furloughed from his day job for a while before being made redundant. To get through this challenging period, Greg took his board out for a skate in the early hours of the morning on any of the days that he was free. He told me that it helped to clear his mind and get ready for the day ahead, which you can imagine would have been filled with lots to sort out since being made redundant.

Previous to this year, in 2019, Greg would get in a routine of going to skate Southbank at least once a week after work. It helped to break up the working week for him, something that is really important when work life becomes particularly busy.