Walker encourages people to read with his new book

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

Based in New York, USA, Walker Ryan is a professional skateboarder and author of 'Top of Mason'. Aside from being a very talented skateboarder, Walker loves to read. This sparked his enthusiasm to write his own book, and to encourage others to read too. With Top of Mason being one of the few books out there that involves skateboarding, Walker hopes that this book may influence skateboarders in-particular to pick it up and have a read.

I caught up with Walker to hear more about his book, and to see what other things he does during the week to look after his health. You can purchase Walker's book over on the Old Friends website as a hard copy, and on Kindle or smart phone.

Hey Walker, could you tell us about some of the things you do during the week to keep yourself feeling well?

I try to read or write a little bit every morning. Living in the NYC in the winter can be rough for skating, but even if I can’t get out and skate, just pushing around at least a few times a week is super important to me.

Reading, writing and skating – sounds like a good mix. You've just published a new book called 'Top of Mason', how did this come about?

I love to read novels and I’ve always wanted to see skateboarding captured authentically in fiction. I came up with an idea for a story, set in San Francisco, and just started picking away at it. I had never tried writing a novel, so it was kind of an experiment. But after a lot of revisions, I’m happy with where it’s at. My friends and family really helped shape it with notes and feedback after reading early drafts.